Dog Art for Dad of a Special Rescue Dog

Jun 14, 2019

Dog art for dad

This dog art for dad has a very special story behind it. Meet Elmer Fudd, and his dad, Bryan. They are the proud winners of the mascot contest for Dogs on Deployment (DOD) for 2019. Elmer Fudd, a rescued, long-haired Dachshund Mini, now about 10 years old, was rescued from a rural shelter with a history of abuse (bullet wound included!) – amazing rescue! Bryan, Elmer’s Dad serves in our US Air Force.

Dog Art for Dad and Special Rescue Dog

HERE is their story on the Dogs on Deployment (DOD) website. This year this dad and dog duo will help others learn about animal rescue and military pet support services. They will be the spokesperson and mascot for DOD, which helps military service members find a temporary foster home for their much-loved pet while the service member deploys.

Elmer Fudd and Dad won a complimentary etching from Greyboy Pet Prints when they became the 2019 DOD mascot. Bryan emailed me a couple photos. I chose the best for their custom dog portrait etching and the process began. This cute picture of Elmer Fudd was etched to a metal plate, inked and paired with dampened Italian cotton paper, then hand-pressed through my Grammy’s printing press. I mixed in just a touch of red color with the black ink to give it a vintage-type warm look. You can feel and see the impression of the plate to the paper along the edges. I double-matted it, wrapped it up, and shipped it out for Bryan and Elmer to enjoy.

Custom Dog Art for dad by CA artist

If you’d like to follow along with all DOD does for military families with pets, follow them on :
Facebook or Instagram.

Custom Dog Portraits for Military Pets

I’ve also wrote a few other posts about Greyboy dog art for dad and mom. Check out these cuties!
PEANUT, last year’s DOD mascot plus two more military pups that also like to advocate for DOD.
PB, Peanut’s predecessor, whom I created a memorial keepsake for with ashes and fur clipping.
DRAGO whose dad was deployed and got photographed with his foster gal.
TED, the therapy dog, who helped advocate with DOD.

Greyboy Pet Prints loves partnering up with DOD to help encourage military pets owners and give them something special to remember their dog companions by. (I grew up a military brat with a dad in the USMC.)

THANK YOU Elmer and Bryan for advocating for rescue pets and military families as well!

Happy Father’s Day to you and all the pet dads out there! Enjoy your special day!!!


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