Unique Pet Portraits

Handcrafted from your favorite photo

Helping pet parents enjoy now and remember later their pet companions a little longer
through custom pet portrait etchings.

Made with sunshine, metal, ink, and my Grammy’s printing press,
these pet portraits make great gifts
or a special memorial keepsake for yourself.

Now with the option to gently add a passed pet’s cremation ash into the portrait.

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“Wow! Just wow! I can’t thank you enough for my piece of art. It’s amazing!” – Allison

Step back in time when handcrafted goods were the way of the world.

Greyboy pet portraits are made by hand every step of the way!

1. Your photo is etched to a metal plate.

2. The top emulsion of metal plate is washed away to reveal the grooves of the etching.

3. Custom-mixed ink is applied to the etched plate.

4. Dampened Italian cotton paper is paired with the inked plate and hand-cranked through the printing press to reveal your masterpiece!

5. Fine art pet print is double-matted and signed.

5. Ready to ship world-wide and delight for decades!


I’ve noticed the disappearing beauty of the tangible…

…our pictures / our memories are digital on our phone, tablet, computer and social media.

I want you to have a finished piece of art you can hold in your hands that will not be accidentally deleted or lost in the digital shuffle.

I’m here to help freeze in time these moments / your favorite furry face that you want to remember for a very long time. The image of your companion pet is lovingly received and transformed into a tangible, handmade work of art ready for you to hold in your hands as you feel the impression of the inked plate onto fine art Italian paper and notice the texture of the etched ink.

Revisit your favorite animal soulmate memory every day when you walk past that timeless etching hanging in your wall!

We make sure you love your pet art!
100% handmade in the US.

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