Dog Art with Ashes

Jun 24, 2018


One little nose and 27 whiskers, the squinty-love look from the eyes of my soulmate kitty, that purr that was one of the most comforting sounds I had ever heard. My world felt out of control, but with Jake I knew I had a loyal listening ear and comforter. My companion…my caretaker….

These animals we love so dearly because of the unconditional love and loyalty they provide for as long as their bodies and soul-nourishing spirits can give back to us. Because we know we will miss these angelic critters, we look for ways to somehow hold them with us for as long as we possibly can…some kind of tangible memory to still feel like they are present.

For Michelle, PB was her guardian angel…her sweet boy. Even when he was no longer with her in body, he was with her in spirit. A lock of his soft, tan, curly fur in a locket stayed in her left pocket and attached to Michelle’s uniform belt loop next to her dog tags every. single. day. during her 3 deployments.  Around the world PB continued on with Michelle from Sep 2004 to 2013. Through the dangerous, dusty, hot, arid Afghanistan and Iraq to the cooler, foggy European west, they were together, him still providing comfort to his loving Mama.

For a permanent keepsake to enjoy his sweet Cocker Spaniel face everyday, along with that lock of fur, PB’s cute face was etched from a photo his Mom had. His dog art with ashes included a tiny bit of his cremain ash into the ink of his etching and into the gray wax seal.

Her “Polar Bear,” her “Pooh Bear,” will still be her guardian angel as his dog art with ashes hangs on the wall she sees daily and can pass by to whisper “Love you, buddy.”


“He was my guardian angel… I will always love my sweet boy.” – Michelle

I loved Michelle’s story of her PB. Tell me your story! I’m ready to listen.


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