I’m a CA pet artist, a crazy cat lady and dog mom who loves earl grey tea and old, crusty pets. Do you love seniors too?

With a crazy life story, listeners drop their jaw in disbelief, when I share it. I’ve been through a lot. BUT the one thing I’ve always known for certain is my love of animals, and of their great ability to love me right back.

It all started with one little nose and 27 whiskers—my cat, Jake, aka Greyboy.

The darkest, scariest times. The mistrust, the betrayal. The years of fear. What rose above ALL that was Jake’s constant companionship. His unconditional love. The way, no matter what was on the other end of that phone, Jake laid in my lap and listened. As crazy as things got, he would purrrrrr and remind me to be in the moment. The world surrounding me felt out of control, but with Jake I knew I’d have a loving helper, almost a caretaker of my soul to calm me.

At the end of Jake’s life, it became apparent just how great a role he had in my life. And – how I’d like to remember him always.

Greyboy, inspiration

CA Pet Artist

Through this journey of loss and love I’ve realized I’d like to help others remember their animal soulmate / their therapy dog or cat and to help convey that message of pets as companions / pets as therapists. I’d like to give others hope and healing through handcrafted pet art.


I’m a CA pet artist that combines my love for pets, my own story and my 20+ years of professional experience in graphic design and photography to craft a handmade pet remembrance keepsake which you can enjoy for decades to come!

I believe in the beauty of printed art you can feel texture in and see printed impressions on! I use traditional techniques from the art of printmaking to honor your favorite furry face in an elegant piece of artwork that will compliment any decor. As a pet photographer, my clients were wanting a special way to remember previous pets that had passed on or just a special moment they’d like to get off their computer or smartphone and transform into fine art. I’m taught by my artist grandmother and 2 master printmakers.

“When I saw Mandi’s etchings, I knew I had to have one of my pup. Mandi was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire process. I have been over-the-moon thrilled!” – Terran

Get in touch and tell me YOUR story. I’m listening…

Me and my gal, Willow