Pet Art Videos

by Greyboy Pet Prints

Remember forever your pet companion with a handmade work of art!  See the short videos below on how each pet portrait was made.

CUSTOM DOG PORTRAITS and pet portraits shipped worldwide

Celebrate and savor those memories with a unique cat portrait etching or dog portrait etching handmade in CA. Your artwork is shipped worldwide and ready to delight and be a special keepsake to treasure for decades!

The Etching Process


Custom Pet Portrait For Jenny

Etching with Ash – Watch How This is Made

Dog Memorial Art For Whippet Theo

Dog Memorial Art With Ashes For Theo

Georgie Dog Memorial Art

Remembering Georgie – Dog Memorial Art

Pet Portrait for Horse Priscilla

Priscilla – Horse Portrait for Queen of the Barn

Pet Portrait Testimonials

“Thank you Mandi! He loved the gift. We framed it and hung it for him yesterday.” – Marni

“…I got Huey’s picture. It’s simply beautiful, really perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail. It is a treasure I will always cherish.” – Mitzy

“We received the beautiful etching of Mike and Jimmy. It is beautiful. Mike really has no quality photographs of Jimmy, so this will be a wonderful way for him to remember his boy Jimmy B.” – Stacy

Don’t let that photo of your favorite furry face get lost in the digital shuffle!

Simply email me to learn how I can transform your snapshot into heartwarming art of your soulmate you can treasure for years to come!