Valentine Pet Portrait Giveaway and Mini Art

Jan 25, 2019

SO excited to host Greyboy Pet Prints 4th Annual Valentine Pet Portrait Giveaway and announce something NEW!


We are ALL about pets and their people here, namely the bond they share. Pets are family and they pull you through the darkest days plus celebrate the happy moments loyally beside you. Companion, Protector, Caregiver, Comic Relief…you know what I’m talking about. That’s what my Greyboy kitty was to me for 15 years of my adult life and also my smelly, stubborn, rescued Chihuahua pictured above in his handmade pet portrait etching.

Celebrating Love Stories with a Valentine Pet Portrait Etching Giveaway

To celebrate these best friends so willing to give their love unconditionally, we’re happy to giveaway one handcrafted etching from your photo to one lucky winner! Can’t wait to hear all about your love story of you and your furry Valentine!

What Is a Handcrafted Pet Portrait Etching?

It’s not just a print out of your photo; It’s a two hour handmade process that starts with your photo, is etched to a metal plate and pressed into Italian cotton paper on my Grammy’s printing press. Think letterpress + vintage. You can see more etching examples and how they are made on the etching website.


How To Enter Our Giveaway:

In order to enter our Valentine Pet Portrait Giveway, there is no purchase necessary. Simply write out a couple paragraphs about you and your pet companion’s relationship and email by Feb. 13th midnight HERE to me along with a couple snapshots of that favorite furry Valentine!

Details of the Pet Portrait Giveaway can be found HERE.

Our HUGE Announcement!!!

NOW, for our big announcement. We’ve been creating behind the scenes; a sweet little memoir to give as a gift (or keep for yourself!). They are smaller versions of our pet portrait etchings, but not custom.

They are general breed muzzles / noses etchings (like the Chihuahua nose shown below) FOR:
– those who don’t have their own photo (maybe one doesn’t exist OR you’re gifting this to someone and don’t have a photo OR
– you don’t want to spend the larger amount for a full custom pet portrait etching from your own photo

Small Pet Portrait Gift in Frame

We’ve handcrafted these mini muzzle etchings of those favorite furry feet, that kissable snout…that we love. Hand-lettered below each is a special nickname or descriptive word of a sweetheart soulmate and matted to 5″x5.” (Yes, 5×5 is a standard-sized frame you can find online to purchase.) It’s a perfect, affordable, thoughtful gift for the pet lover in your life!


Mini Pet Art

So far we have handcrafted mini pet art etchings of a:
1. Frenchie / Boston Terrier / flat nose breed
2. Golden Retriever
3. Chihuahua
4. Cat
5. Kitty feet

pet art in frame with rose

pet loss gift handmade art in frame

Valentine pet art Gift for dog mom

We’re working on more, but do tell us which breeds you’d like to see! For a limited time, we’re offering these sweet minis for an intro special at only $39 (frame not included).

Tiny art print of cat face

Simply contact me and tell me which one you’d like and where to ship to – simple and done! WHO would you like to surprise with a thoughtful little gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday gift, a pet loss gift, or maybe even Mother’s Day!

Lastly, Don’t Forget To: Enter Your Pet and Owner Love Story!

  1. Enter you and your pet’s love story! Tell me all about YOUR furry Valentine!
    Giveaway details HERE and then send me your story! 🙂
  2. Order your own mini pet art at only $39 for a limited time! If I don’t have the breed you want, let me know as we will be creating new ones!


  1. Diann Rogers

    Mandi, could you make a terrier snout?
    I have a long haired white Cairn Terrier with a salt and pepper muzzle (more pepper than salt).

    • Mandi

      Hi Diann! Yes, that’s a great one to make! I’ll put that on my list and let you know when it’s ready, thanks!

  2. Vicki Thornton

    Hi Mandi… would you be able to create a Westie? We just lost our Cooper on the 27th. You took pics of our three a few years back… I’m so grateful for that! I’m so afraid our home will never feel the same w/out Cooper running it… I’m just heartbroken

    • Mandi

      Oh, Vicki! I’m so sorry! Cooper was one of my very favorites – ever! You bet I’ll create a Westie etching! I’ll use Cooper’s photo to create it! When it’s ready (hopefully next week), I’ll email you! Please take care. Sending hugs! Very sorry for your loss.


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