Not just a pet. A soulmate. A companion. You know exactly what I mean. 

I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried in my life when I had to put my kitty Jake down (aka my Greyboy pictured below). And then I felt guilty because I cried more than I did when my some of my favorite family members passed. What IS that connection we have with these furry partners of ours? I’ll share with you how I came to create a pet portrait with ashes.


We talk about the unconditional love they give; the loyalty, the friendship, and companionship. Our partners are always there at our feet ready to listen and give back so much. They leave a huge hole in our lives once they pass and we try our very best to remember them in a special way.

I tried to think of a way to keep my Jake with me somehow so I’d never forget him. I had a photograph of him framed, set his ashes in the wooden box with paw print under his picture. It was okay, but I still felt something was missing.

THEN I had an idea – I had been creating handmade pet etchings for people who had their own snapshot they wanted transformed into fine art. I used my Grammy’s printing press and the printmaking etching process to start helping other people be able to remember their favorite animal companions too through fine art to enjoy as a reminder of that loving partner they were so connected to.

Creating a Lasting Remembrance Using a Pet’s Ashes

I did an experiment one day and (with the help of some champagne), opened up the wooden box with Jack’s ashes and took out a TINY bit to add to the ink and print again Jake’s etching. It worked, came out beautiful AND I knew THIS print was extremely special as it literally had just a little bit of him in the actual artwork. Jake’s artwork is preserved nicely in a frame and is treasured as a meaningful keepsake… 


The ability to add a passed pet’s ashes or cremains is something I take very seriously and with due respect. If a client decides to have me add ashes to their commissioned etching, they receive a special kit in the mail which consists of:

– a tiny spoon to draw out a minuscule amount of the finest ash

– a tiny ziplock with coin envelope

– a pre-addressed small envelope to mail ashes to me

– just a little extra: a special treat for you as this is a sensitive task


More Information About Infusing a Pet’s Ashes into a Handmade Fine Art Etching

Click HERE and scroll down to see our new video showing how a pet portrait with ashes is created.

If you’d like an etching of your own soulmate (with or without the ashes addition), I’m happy to offer you a 30% savings with code SOULMATE30 when ordering on the Greyboy website. This code is valid until Father’s Day, June 18, 2017. If you LOVE these etchings but do not have an image picked out yet or want to give this very special gift to someone else, you may purchase a gift certificate (pictured below). Simply contact me.


Don’t forget to click on the video to watch my Grammy and I show you how we create a pet portrait with ashes so you have a special keepsake to remember your beloved pet by! Thank you for caring for your animals the way we do here at Greyboy Pet Prints. We truly view pets as therapy and art as healing!