Paw Print Art Memorial


This is “Kitty’s” paw print art memorial incorporating a handmade etching from a photo (using sunshine, metal, ink and a printing press), Kitty’s paw print, wax seal with a “K” for Kitty, and a tuft of Kitty’s fur. I included a tiny bit of his cremation ash into the ink of his etching and also into the wax seal. Kitty’s mom wanted a way to have his picture and pawprint hanging up as art in her home so she could remember that face she adored so much.

Kitty’s mom only had the impression mold (similar to my white one here given to me by Lap of Love when I said goodbye to my own boy). But mom didn’t have an actual hard copy of Kitty’s paw print. She had his impression mold given by his veterinarian, but we needed an actual pawprint on paper for this project. In creating the pet memorial art with ashes of Kitty shown above, I had to figure out how to, in essence, make a stamp, or a positive mold, from the impression mold. Here is Kitty’s paw print stamp (purple one on the right).

Paw print Impression mold example

I created this paw print stamp from a silicone putty product purchased at a local craft store. Here it is on Amazon. (This was after I tried a liquid messy silicone product – a yucky mess! The Silicone Putty worked way better with less mess.)


I loved this putty as it was just like playing with playdough and easy to press into the impression, let harden, and get a positive that I could use as a stamp.

Once we had the stamp made of Kitty’s paw print, it was easy to ink it, wipe away the excess ink on the edge of the purple stamp, and press it onto a piece of paper to get a hard copy of his pawprint. Here is the video on Facebook showing how to use this product.

Of course, if your pet is still with you, I suggest a mess-free ink pad which you can use to make a hard copy, an actual print on paper, of your companion’s pawprint.


I’ve also included that ink pad here in the Amazon list for you, along with the silicon putty mold.

pet memorial art with ashes

Before I created the pawprint and other elements, I did a test etching transforming the cell phone picture of Kitty into fine art (using the printmaking process with sunshine, metal and ink etched onto a metal plate which took about an hour). Then, I added just a bit of ash to the ink of his portrait and also created the wax seal pulling together all the keepsake elements.

paw print and art to remember kitty

Paw Print Art Memorial

Here is a closeup of Kitty’s paw print art for pet memorial. This matted artwork will fit in a standard 11×14 frame and hopefully help Kitty’s mom as she’s wanting to remember her boy for a long time ahead! More details about this custom cat portrait with ashes and pawprint can be found on the  “Complete Keepsake Etching” page, such as the sizing of the custom cat portrait, how we gently infuse a loved pet’s cremain ash into the pet art, and more frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about how to make the pawprint stamp, please comment and I’ll try to answer! Thanks for reading 🙂