Pet Art With Paw Prints Collage


Pet Art With Paw Print Collage
What if you want to remember a beloved pet in an artful way that makes you smile, but you don’t happen to have a good photo? This is a classy solution for one honorable pet memorial to help you access anytime the love and joy that pet companion brought you. The art is already made: a generic kitty nose or kitty paws that have been etched and printed with intaglio inks. I just need your pet’s paw print (or kitty tag, or lock of fur) that I can add below the art.

Consists of:
– a 2.5″x2.5″ handmade etching (of generic cat nose or paws)
– the pawprint you provide (either mail me a hard copy of the print or email me a scan of it). If you have a clay mold with paw impression, read HERE
– a wax seal OR colored ribbon (navy blue, pink, or green) adhering the pawprint

You may switch out any keepsake with another. For example, If you don’t have a paw print, you can substitute a small kitty tag instead. To read more about the pet art with paw print collage, please see my blog post: One of a Kind Pet Portrait With Paw Prints

IF you HAVE a photo for me to etch, please visit my other etching product “Complete Keepsake Etching

Within 48 hours M-F I will reach out to ask you some last questions on your desired etching.

Size: Matted art fits in YOUR standard 8×10 frame. Actual artwork dimensions are approximately 3″x3″ and signed by me, the artist.

“I just wanted to let you know that I got Huey’s picture. It’s simply beautiful, really perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail. It is a treasure I will always cherish.”
– Mitzy

“We received the beautiful etching of Mike and Jimmy. It is beautiful. Mike really has no quality photographs of Jimmy, so this will be a wonderful way for him to remember his boy Jimmy B.”
– Stacy