One of a Kind Pet Portrait With Paw Prints

Aug 27, 2021

What if you want to remember a beloved pet in an artful way that makes you smile, but you don’t have a good photo? These one of a kind pet portraits were created out of this need to craft something special for a cat mom that has no photo of her kitty, Redondo, but still wanted a special keepsake of him.

shows one of a kind pet portrait with cat nose and paw print

Because Redondo was sick and elderly when he was adopted, mom didn’t have any great photos. HOWEVER, she did have his paw print. By the way, here is how to get a paw print of your pet.


While I wait for her to send me his paw print, I’ve created one of these special portraits for my own kitty, Paris, aka “Sassypants.”

one of a kind of pet portrait with cat nose and cat paw print

In order to create this keepsake, I have married together my pre-made mini pet art etchings using my already crafted etching of a general kitty nose. Sometimes people order these as sweet little thinking of you gifts and have me personalize them with a pet’s name.

one of a kind portrait cat nose

To be clear, these are NOT crafted with your photo (because in this situation you don’t have one), but crafted from a photo of a generic kitty nose. These etchings are made with the printmaking process using sunshine, metal, ink and a printmaking press. Each one is handcrafted.

close up of cat portrait with paw print

In this one of a kind pet portrait, I’m able to either use a paw print, a lock of fur, or a kitty tag. One of these very special items is adhered under the little nose art (or kitty paws art shown below). The whole point is to remember a loved companion through art, even without a photo

one of a kind pet portrait with cat paw print

So, whether you just don’t have a decent photo, or never kept or took a photo, such as with a childhood pet, this is a special way to remember him or her: my pre-made little nose etching with YOUR paw print (or lock of fur…).


Here is the dog portrait version, which happens to include the shepherd nose. There are other many other different dog breed nose art options available (Frenchie, Border Collie, Terrier, Husky…). If the breed you’re looking for isn’t there yet, contact me and I’ll make one! Think this is a good idea? Let me know!

one of a kind dog portrait with paw print

To order your own one of a kind pet portrait and be sure to remember your pet companion forever, please

Contact me or visit the shop for other artful portrait with paw print options.

one of a kind pet portrait with dog nose and paw print


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