Dog Paw Print Art For Sevey

Jan 8, 2021

Meet Sevey, mom’s sweet girl, in this special dog paw print art that was crafted with love and care for Sevey’s mom, Shannon.

Mom shared, “Everyone who met Sevey said the same thing about her.  She was the sweetest girl ever.  Sevey was full of life and loved to run and play with other dogs. She loved to cuddle with anyone who would cuddle.”

In order to make this very special girl a very special memorial artwork, Mom wanted to include Sevey’s paw print and dog tag to craft a true keepsake.

Making The Paw Print

Shannon made a dog paw print impression the way I showed in a previous post showing how to get a paw print from the impression mold you get from your vet.

Sending The Photos

Then she scanned Sevey’s paw print and emailed it to me along with 4 photos from the past few years.  Sevey was a tripod for the last 2 years of her life.  Mom said Sevey had a lot of health issues this past year, but she was a brave girl and was always happy to be loved.  

While I waited for Sevey’s dog tag to arrive in the mail, I decided to use the bottom right photo and crop in tight. I wanted to be sure to take out any distracting things in the background and have Sevey’s cute face be front and center.

Then I etched that photo (using the printmaking process) as you see in the left of her dog paw print art. Next, I printed Sevey’s paw print onto a colored piece of paper and adhered it to the right of the etched print. Once I received her dog tag, I attached that right above her paw print art to complete this creative pet memorial for mom.

Dog Paw Print Art

Dog-Paw-Print-Art-Memorial with etched photo and dog tag

Shannon shared, “She is so missed in my life.” I bet! I know our pets are such comforts and grounding forces.

I titled the artwork with simply, “Sevey” and sent it along to Shannon. She emailed me: “…got my artwork today.  Thank you so much it looks beautiful!” Yay!!! So happy this will be enjoyed.

Dog-Paw-Print-Art-from-photo with dog tag

Dog paw print art memorials like Sevey’s can be found in the Greyboy Pet Prints shop. I believe that pets are therapy and art is healing. You too? I truly hope Sevey’s paw print art will be healing and bring many smiles for years!


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