Remembering Jack | Dog Art with Ash and Paw Print

Sep 13, 2020

On this National Pet Memorial Day I’m remembering Jack, my stinky Chihuahua mix rescue dog, through dog art with ash and paw print. I had created this memorial of him after he passed so I could have one classy way to remember him in a special keepsake to hang up at home. People ask me what that wax seal is and a few other questions about his custom pet art memorial. Here is a closeup of the art.


How I Made Jack’s Dog Art With Ash and Paw Print

I had created other custom dog etchings for my clients but wanted to make my own, this time including paw prints and a tiny bit of his ash with Jack’s dog art.

First, and hardest, I chose to open his box of ashes and gently scoop out a TEENY, TINY bit of his cremain ash to lovingly add into the ink for his etched portrait. I also included a tiny bit of his ash into the gray wax seal and stamped it with the letter “J,” for Jack. Granted, this step of getting ashes is not for everyone. Some pet parents are ok with doing this (or having their vet do this so I send them this kit with tiny scoop to collect the ash). Ashes-For-Dog-Art Some pet moms and dads prefer to leave their pet’s ashes untouched and simply enjoy art with a paw print only, or a paw print and dog tag.

Second, I had to create the actual artwork, the intaglio print, transforming a photo I had taken to fine art through the printmaking process.

Third, I had to get a clean paw print on paper from the clay impression mold that Jack’s vet had given me. (I explain the process of how I did that HERE.)

Lastly, I had to wait until the following day to be sure his etched portrait was dry. I then carefully tied together a lock of his fur with thread and glued it next to the etched portrait, along with Jack’s printed paw print.

Remembering Our Best Buddies on National Pet Memorial Day

Just like you and your very loved companion, I hope to never forget him, his puppy dog eyes look, our bike rides together, and all the life lessons he taught me. I now have this dog art with ash and paw print to remember him by.

This is how I choose to remember my buddy in one complete keepsake, matted and ready for it’s 12×16 frame to hang in my office.

Pet art memorial art with ashes, paw print, fur, dogtag - dog remembrance


So, on this National Pet Memorial Day, who are YOU remembering today? Tell us about your own beloved buddy in the comments below or on the Greyboy Pet Prints Facebook or Instagram! This is the perfect day to remember him or her and all the silly antics, snuggle moments, and goofy shenanigans!

Sending love today to all who are thinking of their pet companions who have passed over the rainbow bridge. And thank you to those who have asked me to help them craft a very special dog art with ash and paw print memorial like Jack’s. We aim to remember these buddies forever!


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