Yep, I’m a crazy dog lady. That’s who I am. When my dog passed, it was so very difficult, as I’m sure you well know from the passing of your own pets. They weasel their way into your heart and become so intertwined with you. With this guy, my Jack, his whole story made it even more burdensome when I had to say goodbye. (You’ll see why if you read this post: 5 Helps for Saying Goodbye…) I really wanted something special to remember him by; a custom dog portrait keepsake.


So, after his passing, with the help of Lap of Love‘s Dr. Mary and also Deanna from Paws n Claws Aquamation, I had Jack’s ashes, pawprint, noseprint and clipping of fur. I had all of those special treasures sitting on my shelf, but there was no cohesion. The print molds were falling over and it felt more like a shrine.


I wanted to make ONE special artwork that had every remembrance in a single keepsake I could enjoy hanging on my wall in my bedroom.

I had already discovered the ability to add my passed pet’s ashes into the ink and artwork of the etching (which is in Jack’s etching shown at the top of this post). But for me, knowing all the other treasures I had of him, just didn’t seem complete enough for the ONE memorial piece I had in my head.

So, I tried some things and got some feedback from other artists and clients (during this FB live session) and finished a custom dog portrait keepsake that I could enjoy for myself. I have already had requests to create this for clients as they too desire a COMPLETE artwork, a classy remembrance to hang at home and have that favorite furry face there beside them in memory.

On the left is the handmade dog etching with a tiny bit of Jack’s cremain ash mixed into the ink of the portrait. To the lower right is his pawprint. I had a pawprint imprint of his that I created a silicon mold of so I could stamp it onto the little paper. Above the pawprint is a wax seal with a smidge of Jack’s cremain ash that is visible. (The tiny bit of cremain ash in the ink of the etching is not noticeable, so I figured some people might appreciate visible proof that the ash is really in the keepsake via wax mold.) Last, but not least is the tiny clipping of Jack’s fur bound with a very fine piece of silver thread. This completes Jack’s memorial in ONE nice piece for me to enjoy.

Click HERE on the website and scroll down for a quick video on how these etchings are made. You may view the FAQ’s page also which answers such questions as how long it takes to receive an etching after ordering, etc. This custom dog portrait keepsake is brand new, so you won’t see it on the site quite yet. Get in touch if you are interested in one of these classy memorials for yourself!