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Sep 7, 2020

Unique-Quality-Photo-Prints-Pet-Photographers Dog in Car Window

These unique quality photo prints for pet photographers and pet parents all started with one dog. Almost a decade ago, one of my pet photography clients had said how much she loved her new photos of her dog we had just created with my camera. BUT, was there any way I could do something special with an old photo she had of her doggie that had passed. She shared how much she wished she’d done a professional photo session with her pets in the past.

While at that moment I could not help her do something special with her old photos, my Grammy, also an artist, had encouraged me to come play at her place with her printing press to see what we could do.


Grammy and I played with the etching and printmaking process. In the couple years that followed, I studied under two master printmakers and experimented using my Grammy’s press.

In 2015, I started offering the handmade etching intaglio prints for any pet parent to have a photo transformed into a vintage-looking, letterpress-feel portrait that would be a special keepsake. Next, I started adding pets’ paw prints and even a lock of fur or ashes next to the etched art. Along the way, other pet photographers started taking notice and wanted their own pet portraits etched and printed.

Here is an etched plate shown below (with finished art above) of cute doggie, “Rocco,” for pet photographer, Amy Soper. She is a fabulously talented wedding, portrait and pet photographer based out of Seattle. She had snapped an adorable portrait of her boy in his vest looking out the car window.

Etched Intaglio Plate for Custom Dog Art Print of cute dog in car window

Therefore, it’s like magic turning these gorgeous images into printed, handmade creations with depth and ethereal qualities that digital just cannot recreate.


Recently, I spoke with Nicole from Hair of the Dog Academy (who mentors pet photographers) in her podcast about printing for professional pet photographers. We chatted about the ways Greyboy Pet Prints works with photographers. We talked about my Grammy, the story of how these intaglio print etchings began, and some helpful tips for pet photographers.

professional pet photographer seattle photo of cute weimaraner dog

Shown above is another of Amy’s gorgeous images which she had me etch and print for her to gift a dear friend and client. What a cute Weimaraner happy face!

matted etched custom dog art portrait of weimaraner package


PET PARENTS: Are you needing a professional pet photographer near you? You can find pet photographers on my website! You will be SO happy you had someone photograph your pet companion, and especially you and your companion TOGETHER!

PET PHOTOGRAPHERS: Are you looking for a unique client product to add to your artwork lineup? Or maybe you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Greyboy Pet Prints? Please contact me for a one page PDF with info.


Come follow along with the cute doggie and kitty faces on social (FB or IG @GreyboyPetPrints)! It’s a joy and an honor to help pet parents and pet photographers worldwide create handcrafted unique quality photo prints to treasure for decades to come! Come to the shop if you’re interested in ordering a custom pet portrait etching of your own.

Thank you clients and pet photographers for sharing your lovely pets and pet photography clients with me. I love to hear the stories of each and every special pet companion that makes our lives so much better!


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