This family had a special request. Since they had no pets because one of them is very allergic, they considered their Olive tree in the front yard to be their living, growing childhood memory-maker. It was considered an important part of their family of 4.

Family Tree

This tree was played around and swung on while providing shade on those sunny Southern California days: a stable force they knew would just be there day in and day out. It even was lovingly given the nickname “Sally.”

Sadly this beloved tree, over the years, had became diseased and wasn’t able to remain their strong, living and growing landmark. This family was so sad to see it go.

Unique Pet Portrait

Mom decided to commission two handmade etching prints from her one cell phone photo of her kids playing around their tree, their “pet”.

cell phone photo to art

Each child will bring one etching with them when they grow up and move away so they have an artful way to remember those sunny days swinging on the tire swing and riding scooters around this living foundation of familiarity and memories.

By the way, great job mom for making sure your favorite cell phone snapshot wasn’t forgotten about or accidentally deleted by making sure it was transformed it into a forever piece of art!

Each print is pulled from the same etched plate, but each time a print gets pulled through the press, it is slightly different from the last (depending on how much ink was applied to the etched plate, etc.). This is why they are numbered (in the bottom left of the art) to show which print was pulled first. The final art was the second print pulled numbered as 2/2.


In order to keep that sunny, warm feeling that the original cell phone picture exuded, I faintly hand-colored each finished etching which had dried overnight with the warm black ink settled into the Italian cotton paper. (You can see on how an etching is created from a client’s photo.) I added in a little colored-pencil gold and yellow plus some different greens on the tree leaves and surrounding bushes to keep the original vibe from their favorite photo of their pet Olive tree.

Then each 6×8 etching was doubled-matted and ready for their 11×14 frame.

Thank you V family for the honor of helping you remember some favorite childhood memories through custom art! I hope your two kiddos treasure these memories for a very long time.