Pet Portrait Sympathy Gift for Adorable “Pixl”

Jul 29, 2020

This pet portrait sympathy gift of adorable “Pixl” in her red bow was etched last week and shipped to Australia yesterday.

cute handmade dog portrait of chihuahua as gift for pet loss

Pixl’s handmade etching was commissioned as a surprise for her mom in the loss of her adorable, smiling girl in the bow.

Pet Portrait Sympathy Gift

This pet portrait sympathy gift was given from one Instagram friend in California to another IG friend (Pixl’s mom) in Australia. How incredibly thoughtful, right?! It’s nice to see people being so kind to each other and helping each other through loss, especially during these difficult times of COVID-19. We never knew we’d need each other and our pets to snuggle with this much, did we?

When Looking For a Thoughtful Gift For Pet Loss:

It’s nice to choose a photo for them (or send a few for the pet artist to choose from) when commissioning a pet portrait sympathy gift. When you do this, your grieving friend doesn’t have to search through pictures and make a decision. In commissioning the portrait gift, Pixl’s friend sent this phone shot to me that she had chosen herself. I loved it as it shows Pixl looking her best in her red bow. (After I etched the image, I hand-colored a deep red into the bow giving it a little pop of color.)

phone photo to handmade pet portrait etching for sympathy gift

Sometimes a grieving pet parent doesn’t mind looking through the pictures of her loved pet companion, but other times they aren’t quite ready to.

You can usually find a cute, popular photo from your friend’s social feed (like Instagram or Facebook) or even a recent photo you have taken on your phone if you have seen them lately. Choose a photo where their pet looks happy versus one in their last days where they may look like they don’t feel well.

Another option, if your friend is not on social or you just don’t want to choose a photo for them, is a gift certificate. Honestly, I have found that the majority of pet parents given a gift certificate haven’t redeemed them yet. If you do choose a gift certificate, I’d recommend you ask the recipient if they’d like you to offer a suggested image or have the artist suggest an image.

Either way, a pet portrait sympathy gift crafted from a picture you chose or giving a gift certificate will be appreciated. It’s a very thoughtful, unique gift to show you’re sending sympathy and thinking of them during their pet loss.

artist hands signing pet portrait sympathy gift of chihuahua next to phone photo of chihuahua

A custom pet portrait like Pixl’s can usually be created within one week. A quicker gift option is a 5×5 pre-made mini portrait that can be personalized and shipped within a day or two.

There are plenty of great ideas out there to show someone you care when a pet passes, like THESE.

We are sending love to Pixl’s mom and hoping this pet portrait sympathy gift of her happy girl brings back good memories and her adorable face to always remember as it sits on mom’s desk or hangs on the wall.

If you’d like to know more about the pet portrait etchings crafted on my Grammy’s printing press, you can read more in the FAQ section HERE.

matted handmade pet art of cute chihuahua for sympathy gift for pet loss


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