Pet Portrait Gifts for the Holidays!

Pine sprig and pet portrait package on white background

I can’t even begin to say how many times clients have been kind enough to write back and tell me how much their loved one really appreciated their pet portrait holiday gift.

“…They came out gorgeous! Tears all around when these presents were opened at Christmas!” – Lynmaria

“It’s just so beautiful and unique and DOES make such a good gift!” – Nic

I cannot WAIT for these custom pet portrait gifts below to get in the hands of their parents on Christmas morning! See below what was created for them.


This first pet portrait holiday gift of kitty Doug was commissioned by his Auntie. She emailed a phone shot of Doug’s cute face, then I etched that image to a metal plate, inked the plate and paired it with dampened Italian cotton paper to be hand-cranked through my Grammy’s printing press. (HERE is a short video showing an etching being created.)


Etched plate to be pressed into dampened fine art paper

etched portrait holiday gift of a gray cat

Finished artwork ready to delight!

Doug’s auntie gave me the title of “Douglas P.” for his artwork. Once the artwork was dried overnight, I signed Doug’s etching and packaged it up in holiday wrap ready to delight!


Next up was Vizsla doggie, “Clark.” He looks like a silly boy, right?! Here he is holding a card in his mouth 🙂

Dog Portrait of Vizsla sitting on the carpet holding a card in his mouth - Commissioned for Christmas gift

Inked and Etched Plate of Dog Portrait

This thoughtful and unique gift will also be sitting under the tree ready for Christmas morning.

And last but not least, mom had to have an etching of her own furry companion. Here is “Ruby,” the Razzle Dazzle Blue Heeler / Pyrenes! She looks so plalyful and ready to have a great time!

Blue Heeler and Pyrenes dog mixed breed dog portrait etching of dog with toy

art commissioned custom dog portrait etching plate to make holiday gift

These two pet portrait gifts were all packaged together and shipped to the midwest. Ruby’s mom can cross two gifts off her holiday list!

The handcrafted vintage-style unique pet portrait etchings can be commissioned through myself, Mandi, pet artist in Southern CA. The deadline to order an etching and have one of these keepsakes in time for Christmas (in the continental U.S.) is Monday, December 10th. For all procrastinators (me included!), I have beautifully wrapped gift certificates which need to be ordered by Dec. 20 (also within the continental U.S.).

pretty gift certificate silver petal folder for pet portrait gift

Happy holiday shopping and season prep! You can find the online shop for handcrafted pet portrait gifts at