Pet Portrait Holiday Gift Deadline

Dec 1, 2017

sPet Portrait Holiday Gifts:

Now that we’re in December, it’s time to kick our holiday shopping into gear! Before the holiday parties and shopping deadlines really start to cut into precious time spent cozied up with our furry companions, there’s a couple helpful deadlines I wanted to give you, such as:

  1. Holiday shopping and shipping deadlines (USPS, Amazon, Target, Apple…)
  2. Pet portrait holiday gift deadlines
  3. PLUS a handy Christmas list so you don’t forget anyone!

Holiday Shopping and Shipping Deadlines:

You can see HERE a great roundup list of Holiday Shopping and Shipping Deadlines (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, Target, Apple…), but overall, it looks like around Dec. 7th is the deadline for regular international shipping and around Dec. 15th for those of us in the United States for regular ground shipping.

Pet Portrait Holiday Gift Deadline for Christmas Delivery:

Handmade pet etchings truly are a spectacular gift for the pet lovers in your life. These one-of-a-kind, personalized, hand-made treasures that transform a cell phone shot or any snapshot into fine art. Print those digital pictures! An etching needs to be ordered by December 9th at the very latest in order to create and ship them in time for Christmas delivery. You will find a video on the website showing how these are crafted (as my Grammy and I hand crank a print through the printing press) as well as all detailed info needed to order.


There are always those pet-loving friends and family members that you know would LOVE a beautiful etching of their pets, but you simply can’t tear them away from their photographs long enough to surprise them. Surprise them instead with a pet etching gift certificate!

Gift Certificates for Pet Portraits:

Gift certificates are wrapped and displayed in a lovely, silver petaled leaf folder that contains everything they need to know in order to transform a favorite photo of their precious companion into an incredible piece of art. These can also be ordered through the website.


If you couldn’t find a photograph of their pets because they simply don’t have a good portrait yet, consider a gift certificate for a pet photo session!

Pet Photo Session:

Greyboy Pet Prints also offers photo sessions in Southern CA but December gets booked quickly, so do make sure to contact me to get on the calendar. You would need to be photographed by Dec. 10 in order to receive artwork in time for Christmas delivery. (Here is Dallas the Boxer from a recent photo shoot 🙂

A helpful Christmas List to organize your ideas:

Here is a Christmas List that can be downloaded from that might help you think through your own list. Or, if you are like me, you can type it up in your notes section of your smartphone. Either way, don’t forget your mail carriers as they deliver all our goodies! I always love making homemade goodies for the USPS , UPS and FedEx men and women but wondered if that’s ok. According to Emily Post, that’s fine. She says if your budget doesn’t allow for tips (or you’re not allowed as with the USPS), consider homemade gifts and remember that words are always a great way to express thanks. In fact, she says a gift or tip should always be accompanied by a short handwritten note. You can read the details here.


Take a moment now to maybe check a pet portrait holiday gift off your list and not have to worry about deadlines so you and your favorite four-legged companions can spend the rest of this holiday season enjoying each other’s company! You’re just a few clicks away from a heartwarming, thoughtful gift to delight!


I’m here to help, so don’t be shy to contact me and ask any questions you might have. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!


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