Multiple Dogs in One Custom Dog Portrait

May 19, 2020

Sometimes I get asked, “Can I have multiple dogs in one custom dog portrait?” YES! You surely can.


Here is an example with cute lab siblings “Sunshine” and “Midnight” in their custom dog portrait etched and printed at my home studio. How happy do they look? You can’t keep a lab down, even in COVID times!

These two love to wrestle and play outdoors in their sunny Southern CA yard near the beach. And, wow, do they love their boy! Their human runs around with them outside and plays for days. As he grows, he will have this special keepsake art remembering them with their happy faces, tongues out.

Multiple Dogs Custom Dog Portrait


Before I started the artwork, Mom sent me a few phone photos to see which would make the best image for a custom dog portrait etching. I chose this one because both dogs were shown clearly and I liked the wood deck in the background. The details in the wood I knew would look nice behind the doggies and they both looked so adorable. I retouched the image a bit in Photoshop, as is usual with a custom dog portrait. The photo was cropped. Then the edging on the deck was cleaned up a bit leaving nice even lines. Next, I retouched out the chair on the left of the dogs. I also cleaned up the dogs’ faces a bit taking off any pieces of grass, etc. Here was the original phone photo sent to me.

Phone Photo used for custom dog portrait two lab dogs

The etching process was then started:
– I etched the final image into the metal plate
– Ink was mixed and applied to the etched plate
– Excess ink wiped off (shown below)
– Dampened cotton paper was placed carefully over the inked plate
– Paper andk ink were pressed together on my Grammy’s printing press

Multiple Dogs Custom Dog Portrait Etched Plate

You can watch how Grammy and I craft a custom dog portrait etching in this 3 minute video at the bottom of the page HERE.


The finished artwork had to dry overnight and was signed and matted the next day. When I sign artwork, from left to right you’ll see the following:
– 1/1 (left corner)
– artwork title (middle0
– my signature (right corner)

Alot of people ask what the 1/1 is. It’s the number that shows how many prints were pulled off the etched plate. Only 1! So, this is a true original. If desired, I can make 2 prints off the etched plate or even 5 prints or more if mom wants. I would need to reink the plate and wipe off excess ink (which is an art in itself) for each of those 2 or 5 prints. Each print would be slightly different since each print is handmade and can’t be inked exactly like the last. You can’t really duplicate the same result every time you pull a print.

For their artwork title, Mom decided to title their art as “Double Trouble.” LOVE THAT TITLE! Most people just put the dogs’ names, but it’s fun when people get creative with their title.

Multiple Dogs Custom Dog Portrait Packaged

The custom dog portrait was finished with artist signature and then double matted, wrapped in a gray folio, with ribbon and packaged up in a sturdy flat box to arrive safely to it’s new owner. I always get excited for them to receive their mailed artwork and open it. It’s like Christmas! I received word from mom on Sunday – “It just arrived! We love it! Thank you!!!”

Yay!!! Thank you to Sunshine, Midnight and their family 🙂 I hope you enjoy your artwork for many years to come!

For others wanting their own custom dog portrait etching – even for multiple dogs in one custom dog portrait – see HERE for more info on crafting a keepsake from a favorite phone photo, or simply start emailing me some photos you love! I’ll tell you which would be best for your custom dog portrait. And, yes, more than one pet is fine for your artwork! Send ’em on over – let’s see those cute smiling faces 🙂


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