Lost Dog or Found Dog – What To Do?

Jul 2, 2024

Have you lost a dog or found a dog? The 4th of July makes me so nervous as I know most pets lose their minds when they hear fireworks, aka explosions, outside (especially if they are left outside!). As a doting pet parent and pet portrait artist, this drives me nuts knowing so many pets get lost on and around the 4th of July.

Lost Dog, Found Dog, 4th of July, Dog Running From Fireworks

I always have the following in my car whether it’s the 4th or not to help me catch any stray dogs:

By the way, let’s not leave cats out! Here’s how to Find A Lost Cat with best trackers for collars listed.

What I do when I see a lost dog

  1. Capture and Contain (if safe to do so)
  2. Check with surrounding people to see if they know the pet
  3. Check ID
  4. Chipped? If no ID, take them to the closest vet or pet store to be scanned for a microchip
  5. Click a photo and share on Nextdoor.com, FB local missing pets page, etc.
  6. Canva is great for making a flyer (type in lost dog flyer or found dog flyer and get started)

Here are some additional tips for finding your lost dog or catching a stray dog that seems lost from PetCo Love (a website to post lost and found pets).

Lost Dog Found Dog, 4th of July Dog with Flag in Teeth

If you have to take a found pet to a shelter (this IS where pet owners look for their lost pets) please make sure you keep an eye on that pet so it doesn’t get lost in the system.

Usually the shelter has a certain amount of hours they hold the pet and then it becomes available for adoption.

With the shelters over capacity, please watch that pet, as some shelters euthanize fast and oftentimes without much notice (at least the ones by me in Southern CA do).

Here’s to celebrating our freedom in the U.S. BUT also making sure we keep our pets safe and sound! I hope this post has helped you with a lost dog or found dog and what to do!

Please – collars on, microchip done (and updated if you’ve moved recently!) and safe indoors! I’ll be indoors with my pets watching a movie or the PBS 4th of July special cranked up loud to try and drown out the mayhem outside. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

I’ll leave you with an adorable handmade pet portrait of Jasko, the Military Working Dog, standing in front of a flag. If curious, you can see all the pet portrait options.



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