This kitty pet portrait was created to help remember a special cat named Louie, who was a victim of neglect due to a domestic violence situation.

I want him to be remembered as I know he was so loved and I want people to know they can help victims like Louie through the non-profit, Red Rover.

Kitty Pet Portrait for RedRover

RedRover, a nonprofit in northern CA is one of my very favorite groups to support. They are like a RedCross, but for people AND their pets. They have 3 main areas they help in:

RELIEF: support for pet owners in need

RESPONDERS: care for animals displaced by disaster or cruelty

READERS: tools for teaching children empathy and compassion for pets


I especially love what they do in the area of relief for victims of domestic violence. They are making sure that every state in the United States has at least one shelter for abused women and children where their pet can join them in shelter. Often, a victim won’t leave, or delays leaving because there is not place for their pet to go. RedRover wants to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

You can read what they are doing HERE (and find resources to share) or read HERE my interview with their CEO. I love their heart and the difference they are making! This past October, Purina partnered with them in the #purpleleashproject to be able to get more grants to help shelters build kennels onsite for pets.


This etched kitty pet portrait of Louie was gifted to the veterinarian office who worked with RedRover in trying to save Louie. To create this special kitty pet portrait, I started with a cell phone picture of Louie which I etched to a metal plate.

Kitty Pet Portrait Etched

The plate was then inked and paired with dampened Italian cotton paper on my Grammy’s printing press. I cranked the art through the press and lifted the paper to see Louie’s sweet face. (You can see how a cat print is made in southern CA at Greyboy Pet Portraits HERE.)


I hope Louie’s art helps heal hearts, bring attention to the problem of pets being victims of domestic violence too, and that others will join me in donating to RedRover to help them aid more families and pets.

I also hope to encourage others to never give up doing the right thing and making a difference in this world even just by one family / one pet at a time. For that one family, that one pet, YOU are the changemaker.

Find out more about RedRover HERE and how to volunteer, spread the word and / or donate.