4 Ideas to Remember Your Heart Dog with Art

Sep 17, 2020

There are so many beautiful ideas to remember your heart dog with art to help you remember a special companion forever, such as:

  1. A photo session with your dog
  2. A handmade dog portrait from a photo you have (like the dog portrait collage of Bailey shown below)
  3. Paw print art created from your dog’s paw print
  4. Art or jewelry with ashes or fur

Today, I am remembering someone very special: Bailey, my friend Mindy’s Doodle. I’m  sharing about her handmade dog portrait collage I crafted for her. Mindy, photographer with Dogs I Meet, decided she wanted to do something very special with photos she had taken of her heart dog.

Two dog art portraits of doodle as puppy and as senior in one black mat

She planned ahead while Bailey was in her golden years to have a handmade dog portrait transforming her own photos into something ethereal and tangible that she would have for after she’d say goodbye to her girl. Here is her intaglio print collage I crafted for her.

Remember Your Heart Dog with Art

Mindy sent over Bailey’s puppy picture as well as a picture of her as an adult so we could create something special together – a way to remember her heart dog. Bailey’s unique dog art collage was made with sunshine, metal, ink and pressed on my Grammy’s printing press.

She was an adorable dog that loved to jump, swim, play and tear a toy to shreds in minutes. Mom shares about Bailey and caring for a senior pup in her own blog HERE. 

Puppy portrait and senior portrait together for dog art collage

Bailey’s custom dog art etchings show her first years and later years all in one matted artwork, like a collage, ready to hang up at home as wall art.

Each of the two photos (commissioned to be transformed into two small etchings) were etched to separate metal plates, inked and paired with dampened Italian cotton paper to get the rich impression of Bailey’s cute face using a warm black-colored ink. These have a letterpress feel and ethereal look to them and would sit side by side under one beautiful double mat ready for her frame she chose to match her home decor.

Bailey’s Heart Dog Puppy Portrait

I took the photo of little Bailey and did some cropping and fine tuning to make sure it matched the proportions of Bailey’s senior portrait so the two faces were approximately the same size in the image.

Etched dog art of cute doodle puppy pressed into fine art paper

Bailey’s Senior Dog Portrait

Here’s adult Bailey, adorable photo by Mindy, etched by Greyboy Pet Prints:

Adorable Doodle Dog Portrait Etching

After each dog art portrait was dried and signed, I matted the separate prints side by side (shown above) so they can hang gracefully in one beautiful frame that Mindy will choose to match her home decor.

Two Handcrafted dog prints of cute dog doodle face


Sweet Bailey’s face will grace their home as unique wall art to treasure. Mindy had just contacted me last week to let me know she said goodbye to her sweet girl. We all dread that day, but know that our time is limited with them, but so worth it. I’m sending love and hoping Bailey’s dog art brings some healing for Mindy and family’s hearts and reminds them of memories to smile for.

Here are the resources I recommend for dogs moms looking for ideas to remember a heart dog with art.

  1. Find local pet photographers near you (like Mindy on the East Coast).
  2. Commission a handmade dog portrait (like Bailey’s) for your own baby.
  3. Paw print art created from your dog’s paw print by Greyboy Pet Prints (shown below) or FlutterBye Prints.
  4. Jewelry with ashes or fur by Comfort Connects.


As an example of art with ashes, here is Sweet Sancho’s dog art etching. Her dog tag, paw print and ashes in the little gray wax seal make up a very special memorial keepsake for her mom.

As shared, there are many ideas to remember a heart dog with art. Here at Greyboy, I believe pets are therapy and art is healing and love to craft a true meaningful way to remember a very special companion!

Please know you’re invited to be part of our Greyboy family by subscribing at the bottom of the site here where you will receive a little something special to use towards remembering your own precious pup!

To holding close those memories of unconditional love and true friendship from our soul companions –

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.” – Konrad Lorenz


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