During this unnerving time of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least our pets are happy getting extra pet snuggles during Coronavirus quarantine! With having to stay home to keep the virus from spreading, our pets are wondering why their naps are interrupted and they are getting extra walks.

The upside of this very difficult time all around our globe is that our pets are loving the extra cuddles! (By the way, see below how you can help by snuggling cute kitties and pups!)

As you well know and have seen multiple articles on how having a companion pet lowers stress, this is the time to lean in on them and let them do what they do best: love you unconditionally and comfort you!

Extra Pet Snuggles

With snuggling top of mind, I remembered a cute cuddle portrait created a couple months ago of Sasha and Ginger. This was custom dog art etched from mom’s phone photo of the two doggie cuddling together on the couch.

pet snuggles two dogs dog art

Their mom had emailed me a phone photo to see if it would be a good one to get etched into a dog portrait gift for her hubby. Sadly, they had recently said goodbye to Sasha, their bulldog, and wanted something special to remember their gal by. Mom’s phone photo ended up being a perfect image to create a custom dog portrait from (nice even lighting, in focus, super cute image…), so I began the process of creating her art and later finished it up to sign, mat, wrap and deliver.

THIS is what helps heals the soul: watching our pets snuggle, cuddling with them and hanging on to that unconditional love and comfort they so well provide.

Pet Snuggles During Coronavirus

If you or your pet need a snuggle-buddy to combat loneliness and happen to have a cozy spot on the couch for a homeless pet OR A MILITARY PET of those deploying to help keep us safe (through Dogs on Deployment), please help!

Here are some groups local to me in the southern CA area I know of that have buddies at the ready for you and could use donations at this time:

Dogs on Deployment 
Inland Valley Humane Society Please call 909-623-9777 x669 for more info or email adoptions@ivhsspca.org.
Priceless Pets
Second Chances Rescue
Lionel’s Legacy: “Seniors for seniors”
Frosted Faces: “Frosted Flings” – a 2 week sleepover with one of their senior pets
(By the way, all expenses are paid for senior medical care with at least the last two rescues.)

I’m determined to find the silver lining in this difficult situation and figured more snuggle-time with our pets is just that! Whether it be our pets snuggling together or us snugging with them, it is heart-healing. They know when something is amiss and are eager to help us. Let them help.

Go snuggle! Feel the stress start to melt away.
Hugs, Mandi

p.s. See some of the silly stay-at-home antics pets are doing HERE – sure to bring a smile! 🙂 If you’re interested in having me craft a pet portrait for you, you can go HERE for more info or simply email me a couple of your favorite phone snaps and I’ll let you know which would make the best pet portrait etching!

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