Dog Portrait Gift For a Military Working Dog | Jaska

Mar 27, 2021

This dog portrait gift for Jaska, the military working dog, has a very cool twist to it!

First, the back story: Courtney had entered Jaska into our Valentine Giveaway, but unfortunately they did not win one of the 3 prizes randomly drawn.

Once you read Jaska’s story, you will see why I had to do something about this.


Dog Portrait Gift Story

“Jaska was a Military Working Dog (MWD). She had so many amazing accomplishments in the Army. She was a patrol explosive detector dog (PEDD).

She deployed three times in her career. Jaska was close to retirement and about to come home permanently.. We were so excited to let her live out the rest of her life as spoiled as could be! Friday, January 29, 2021 we got an emergency call for one of the MWD’s. When we got to the clinic we were mortified that the dog was Jaska. We did everything we could but we could not save her.

We found out after a necropsy (Standard protocol for Military dogs when they pass) that Jaska had a mass on her heart that was likely cancer and that cancer had spread all over her lungs. She had no symptoms of being sick.”

Help Is On The Way – Dog Portrait Gift From a Kind-Hearted Client

I thought someone in our Greyboy Family might like to do the honor of helping me gift them with something special. Sure enough, I put a call out to the Greyboy Facebook Group to see if someone might like to gift this special pup and her handlers / caretakers something special to remember her by. I don’t even think an hour went by and Michelle, who has purchased multiple custom etched portraits of her own, jumped in! I love my Greyboy Family!

Courtney posted, “Hi there Michelle. You are such an amazing person. I can’t express my gratitude for you and your amazing act of kindness.”

So, Jaska’s art was etched live on Facebook last Friday. (I do live etchings on Facebook and Instagram every Friday afternoon.) Here is the etched plate, from which the intaglio print was crafted on my Grammy’s printing press.

Jaksa etched plate for dog portrait gift



Growing up a military brat, I have seen first hand what sacrifices are made. That’s why this especially touched my heart. Jaska, you will be remembered and your service is appreciated. You are a hero, girl!

Here is a close-up of Jaska’s dog portrait gift. I couldn’t decide whether to color the flag behind her or not. I finally decided it looked best left in a classic black and white look.

Dog Portrait Gift Close Up of Military Working Dog

Lastly, Courtney shared, “She had an amazing career and she was such an amazing dog.”

My goodness – I would agree!

They received their artwork the other day and I received this email from Courtney, “Blown away by it for sure ! It’s so much more amazing than I could have imagined. It’s going up on the wall tomorrow with her medals.” Jaska’s custom dog portrait gift was double-matted to be enjoyed in an 11×14 frame.
This story warms my heart – you too? There are still plenty of good people out in this world. They are all around us.


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