This dog portrait from a photo was fun to create as I know and love the doggie pictured. This is Grady, who lives close to me. Grady has a special job to do as his mom is in a wheelchair and depends on Grady for so much besides companionship.

Black and white dog portrait of california dog by pet artist Mandi

She sent me this photo that her friend had taken with an iPhone. Mom emailed her photo to get it off the phone and have it transformed into a custom dog portrait. I cropped in a bit and fine-tuned to prep it to be etched onto a metal plate. The eetched metal plate was then inked and paired with dampened Italian cotton paper to be hand-cranked together through my Grammy’s printing press. There is a video of my Grammy and I creating an etching on the FAQ page. Scroll down past the before and after images and you’ll see where to watch it.

Grady’s Dog Portrait from Photo

Cute little Grady is a Cairn Terrier who not only helps mom, but has been known to sniff out cancer in people. He like to jump in your lap and check you out 🙂 He is also the guard dog watching out for he and mom.

Closeup Detail of custom dog portrait from photo

Now mom has a vintage-looking, letterpress-feel artwork to celebrate now and for later to remember her Grady boy, long after he is gone. Enjoy your art you two!

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