These custom pet portrait gifts were crafted from clients photos emailed to me. Each snapshot was transformed into fine art using my Grammy’s printing press. These dog art gifts were just shipped out to be received in time for Christmas!


Pet Portrait Etching Gift of Weimaraner “Rozzi”

This first pet portrait etching was crafted from a cute dog photo sent in from Amy Soper, Your Friendtographer. She is gifting this dog art etching to a client whose dog, Rozzi, had passed recently. I hope this helps heal their hearts as they miss their cute Weimaraner doggie.


Custom Pet Portrait Gift of Frenchie Puppies

This next custom pet portrait gift was a custom order. My client actually snapped these two images with her cell phone. Her cute puppy pictures, which she wanted me to craft something special from, are of her Frenchie puppy named Pippa and sibling, Pickles.

The top image is of Pippa and Pickles snuggling togther on the couch when they were two months old. The bottom image is of the two puppies at four months old sitting cute together in a chair. She wanted these two pet portrait etchings matted together so she can frame them and gift this artwork to her family for Christmas.


You can view the FaceBoook live video HERE showing how these custom pet portrait etchings were crafted. Starting from when my client first emailed me a snapshot all the way through the process of burning the image to a metal plate, inking the plate, and hand-pressing it through my Grammy’s printing press.

Handmade Pet Art Gift for Pet Parents

Each custom pet portrait etching is made by hand and takes about two hours or so to complete. They seem to be pretty popular as thoughtful gifts for pet parents!

“It’s just so beautiful and unique and DOES make such a good gift!” – Nic

“Just wanted to let you know that my sister loved the print. She said it was her most favorite gift. Thank you.” – Barb and Dorothy

Greyboy Pet Portraits range in price from $199 – $399. For a custom portrait of your own pet, simply go online to our shop HERE and choose a size for your artwork. Once you’ve chosen your size and purchased your custom pet portrait gift, you will be invited to upload your pictures to be etched. I then contact you to let you know which one of all the images you emailed is best for a handmade etching. Contact me with any questions. I look forward to handcrafting a custom pet portrait gift to delight someone special for you!