Custom Dog Portrait Vintage Style | Peanut

Aug 21, 2020

This custom dog portrait, vintage style, was handcrafted for Peanut the friendly Chihuahua!

Custom Dog Portrait Vintage Style of Adorable Chihuahua

Peanut the Mascot

Peanut, a former mascot for Dogs on Deployment (DoD), is sitting pretty for her portrait in the flowers of San Diego, CA. Dogs on Deployment helps find boarding solutions for military pets whose parents are deploying. Every year DoD accepts entries for their contest to find out who will be their military pet and parent for that year. The duo gets to be the spokesperson spreading the word about DoD and all they do to help military pet parents.

So, what is Peanut up to now in her retirement after her mascot stint? Her new found love is the beach Mom says. “She LOVES running in the soft, warm sand. Though still a little fearful of the water, she is getting more and more comfortable. Our next local adventures will be kayaking in La Jolla and stand up paddle boarding in Mission Bay.  She is quite the little adventurer and seems to impress everyone we encounter with her angelic behavior (so un-chihuahua like!).”

Because the custom dog portrait etching I created for Peanut turned out looking extra vintage, it seemed perfect to reminisce about fun happy memories.

Cute Chihuahua Photo outdoors in the flowers

By the way, above is the original photo (transformed into black and white) that Peanut’s custom dog portrait etching was crafted from. These etchings are a fun way to transform a regular photo, even a phone snapshot, into fine art made by hand.

In fact, this isn’t Peanut’s first custom dog portrait etching! Here she is with her gifted portrait from 2018.

chihuahua dog with custom dog portrait made of her

Each year Greyboy Pet Prints donates 3 custom dog portrait etchings to the top 3 contestants for that year’s DoD mascot competition. Each pet and parent duo always has an amazing story of companionship and perseverance – which is what we are all about here at Greyboy where “pets are therapy and art is healing!”

Peanut’s Adventures

I asked Peanut’s mom to share about some of her and Peanut’s adventures.

“Some of my favorite memories with Peanut were in Europe the past couple of years.  As an extremely dog-friendly continent, Peanut was allowed to go nearly everywhere (except grocery stores and most churches/cathedrals, though she did sneak into a few in her “purse bag”!). We loved walking along the paths near our house that ran through pastures and forestland. We also enjoyed seeing all of the historic sites in Berlin, our Elbe River Cruise near Dresden, visiting the Heidelberg Zoo (yes…dog friendly!), exploring the streets of Wroclaw, Poland, visiting castles throughout Germany, riding a hop on/hop off bus in Prague, Czech Republic, and visiting Christmas Markets throughout Europe.”

Here are some fun pictures of Peanut in Europe from their FB page.
It sounds to me that Peanut has seen a lot more of this world than most of us! Mom shared, “She makes me smile every single day and is an incredible companion.” Where would we be without our constant companions by our side through this past year of 2020? They are such a joy and comfort!

Peanut’s Custom Dog Portrait Vintage Style

I hope mom and Peanut enjoy their custom dog portrait vintage style for years to come! I hope it helps bring back memories of old celebrating all their adventures together!
Chihuahua photo etched into a metal plate
To find out more about how a custom dog portrait vintage style is handcrafted, starting with an etched metal plate (pictured above), visit To begin Peanut’s custom dog portrait, vintage style, mom emailed me around 5 favorite photos and I chose the best one for Peanut’s portrait. It’s that simple. You can reach me HERE. Go make some new memories with your companion and make sure to print and enjoy the old memories 🙂


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