Creative Holiday Portrait Gifts For Dog Moms

Nov 26, 2020

I love seeing how thoughtful you all are with giving creative holiday portrait gifts for dog moms in your lives!

Here are a few of the custom dog portraits created recently for two dog moms. One is a sweet pug named Flower and also a little Shih tzu named Daisy.

Creative Holiday Portrait Gifts For Dog Moms

Flower was a rescue, who happened to be a little stinky when mom brought her home – hence, the name Flower, as in the skunk on Bambi! Unfortunately, Flower has passed over the rainbow bridge. Their kind friend was looking for a way to help comfort Flower’s mama AND give a thoughtful holiday gift.

Flower’s Holiday Portrait Gift

Cute dog portrait of pug as creative holiday portrait gift

Their friend emailed me two photos to choose the best for an etching. I suggested which one and got started doing some fine tuning in Photoshop. Then I etched their photo creating a handcrafted intaglio print with an old printing press.

You can watch a quick video of the custom pet portrait etching process at the bottom of our FAQ page.

See Flower’s etched metal plate pictured below that her portrait was crafted from. Cute senior girl!

Flower’s Unique Dog Portrait Gift 

Custom dog portrait holiday gift for dog mom of her senior dog pug

Flower’s mom ended up getting her holiday gift early, as their friend just couldn’t wait. I received an email –

“I ended up giving Kathleen the etching early…it felt like the right thing to do and it was! She was in tears and absolutely loves it!” – Shelley

Yay! I hope it helps heal her heart to see her favorite furry face everyday and remember all those great memories they had together. What a great companion Flower was for her!

Daisy’s Custom Dog Portrait

Creative Portrait Gift For Dog Mom to comfort her

Another loving friend, actually TWO of them, wanted to do something special for Daisy, their Shihtzu buddy that they always hung out with. So, they commissioned a custom dog portrait gift for Daisy’s mom when they found out they had just lost their good friend.

Pictured below is Daisy’s creative dog portrait crafted on the printing press right after it was made. The next day her dog art gift was signed and ready for hand-coloring. Since Daisy always dressed in adorable doggie outfits, it was perfect to make her red bow and dress stand out with a little hand-coloring.

Creative custom dog portrait gift for dog mom of shih tzu Cutest custom dog portrait giftof little shih tzu for pet loss

I hope Daisy’s mom LOVES her gift from her besties!

In looking for a creative holiday portrait gift for dog moms, whether they are for doggies still with us, or our friends who have already crossed over the rainbow bridge, it’s a true honor to help craft a treasure. This will help always remember memories with these wonderful pet companions we so love! 

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Custom dog portrait holiday gift for dog mom in christmas wrap

Take care and have a wonderful holiday season!


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