Bucket List For Cat Cleo

May 18, 2021

Bucket List For Cat Cleo – in thinking of things kitties would love to do on their last days, I wanted to share the three things Cleo got to enjoy on her last day. This really is a lovely tribute to a dear kitty companion written by Cleo’s mom.

Custom Pet Portrait Etching of Cat Cute Face

Tribute To Kitty Cleo

“Sleep tight my sweet girl. We’ll miss your calm quiet presence so much. We love that you fought hard and surpassed the vet’s estimate of how long you’d live.
Thank you for being such a great companion since 2007.
You were the cat who once disappeared into thin air. Shortly after you moved in with us, after spending the night enclosed in the dining room, we were surprised when you were gone in the morning. We thought there was nowhere to hide. We were wrong. Thankfully I heard your faint meow up the chimney and I could get you out. An ash bath was not fun, was it.
You quickly learned how much I hated your mouse gifts and bless you, you stopped bringing them to me. You’re so smart.
Custom Pet Portrait for Kitty in Double Mat
I was convinced the kid’s first word would be purr, given you sat protectively on my bump and purred loudly throughout my pregnancy. You have patiently loved them and been a lovely comfort when they’ve felt emotions.
Sam has loved feeding you since he’s been able to do it, and you were so happy when he got big enough that you could sit in his lap.
You’ve enjoyed your brushes and pats with Emma. You really loved the tea party with her and the toys last summer.
You kept me company every day when I was ill and you were always by my side when I worked.
Detail of Custom Pet Portrait for Cat Cleo

Bucket List for Cat Cleo

We got to complete your bucket list.
1. Eat your favourite KFC
2. Lick the empty custard carton
3. Enjoy one last sunny day in the garden (thank you English weather for giving us a surprise 20+ day in March)
(And here are a few more items for a bucket list for cats.)
Matted artwork of custom pet portrait for cat cleo
You’ve left a gaping Cleo shaped hole in our hearts. Rest in peace beautiful girl. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to met Prince Philip.


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