Best Ways to Organize Phone Photos and Print Them

Nov 7, 2023

What in the world is the best way to organize phone photos and actually print them? 

Do you have as many pet photos on your phone as me? (That would mean A LOT of pet photos!) In this digital age, our smartphones have become the primary device for storing cherished memories. From candid family moments to adorable pet photos, our phones are brimming with a ton of precious images. 

Yet, for many of us, the task of organizing and printing these photos often seems overwhelming and perpetually postponed. If you’re among those who want to conquer this photo organization project so you don’t lose them and can print your favorites to enjoy, now may be the perfect time to start. Let’s explore how you can take baby steps so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Step 1: Begin with Small Goals

The first step in organizing your phone photos is to set achievable goals. It’s crucial to start small to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Instead of diving into the abyss of your entire photo gallery, focus on manageable tasks. Maybe just do step 2 for this month?

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Step 2: How To Organize Photos Into Albums on Your Phone

Best Ways To Organize Phone Photos example from my phone showing all the cat photos

Pick a specific event or period to create an album (a folder or collection of photos on your phone). For instance, consider making an album just for pet photos, like a cat album with ALL cat photos in one place.

  • Go to your photos gallery in your phone
  • See the search bar at the top
  • Search for the photos you want (type “cat”) and it will pull up all your dog photos
  • Click on “See All” at top R
  • Choose “Select” at top as shown in my image above
  • Click top L photo and drag over all the photos all the way down to select all dog photos
  • While those are all checked, click on the  bottom L icon with the square and arrow
  • Choose “Add to Album”
  • Click “New Album”
  • Name your new album

This way, you can locate that favorite furry face easily by clicking on your new album you’ll see listed when you open your photos so you can show off your pet’s photo at a moment’s notice! 


Step 3: Just Print Some Phone Photos Every Month

My favorite service to do this is

Organize Phone Photos and Print them with TimeShel prints

Every month I upload 30 photos from my phone to the TimeShel app on my phone and receive a pack of prints that I can keep. It’s a subscription service that I’m so happy to use! I’d love to say I’ve placed them all my TimeShel prints neatly in an album, but I have not done that YET. To try it for yourself, use code MHOPA at checkout for $6 off (affiliate code). At least I know if my phone is lost or stolen, my photos aren’t gone forever. By the way, you’ll want to plug your phone into your computer through a USB cord and save your photos to your computer in iTunes (or buy a USB flash drive or “photo stick” that you attach straight into your phone to download all photos for a photo backup device and piece of mind).

Step 4: Consider Placing Your Prints in an Album

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can make an album by year or by subject (ex: photos of just your dog). I usually find an album on Amazon that works for me. Then I keep the albums in a basket in my living room that I can look at when I’d like or show them to family and friends.

Organize phone photos to print to an album photo of an album in hands

Step 5: Consider Making a Photo Album

I know – it sounds daunting, but it’s not when the print company can just populate the photos you want into a design for you! (affiliate link) is my favorite for this. They are easy to use, quick to print and nice quality.  For special albums, I’ll lay them on the coffee table so we see them often.

print phone photos and make into an album example of dog album

Step 5: Design a Wall Hanging

Turn your favorite family and pet photos into a beautiful wall display. Imagine seeing those sweet faces every day as you walk downstairs. Whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning or entertaining guests for dinner, a wall hanging can add a personal touch to your space. If you need inspiration on arranging photos on your wall, explore various designs from my last blog post “How To Choose a Frame For Your Pet Portrait.”

Organize Photo Photos Print Wall Hanging

To accomplish this, consider canvas prints from or retail stores. (I’m not sure about Costco quality, but I know some people get them there.) 

For a handmade fine art option, you can commission one of my pet portraits that are etched and pressed into a beautiful custom pet portrait. All I’d need are a few in-focus phone photos and I’ll choose the best for your etching! Email me some pet photos and tell me all about your favorite furry face!

small pet portrait example print phone photo to art

For framing options, check out Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Of course there is Amazon, but it makes me nervous that the glass will break.


By breaking down your photo organization project into these smaller tasks, you can gradually transform your very full digital gallery into a curated collection of memories.

Printing your photos isn’t just about organizing; it’s about preserving your precious memories in a tangible format. While digital images are convenient, they can be lost or forgotten in the abyss of your phone photos, or worst – lost forever if your phone is stolen, lost or broken. Make sure your favorites are printed somehow!

artist hands signing pet portrait sympathy gift of chihuahua next to phone photo of chihuahua

Here’s why printing your photos is so essential:

  • Tangible Keepsakes: Physical photos offer a tangible connection to your memories. They can be displayed, touched, and passed down through generations, creating a lasting legacy.
  • Decorate Your Space: Printed photos can adorn your home, infusing it with personality and warmth. Wall hangings and photo albums can become beautiful décor pieces, making your space truly your own.
  • Protection Against Data Loss: Digital devices can fail, and cloud storage isn’t infallible. Printed photos act as a backup to ensure your memories are safe from the dangers of technological mishaps.

By taking small steps, setting achievable goals, and utilizing online resources and services, you can turn your overwhelming photo collection into a beautifully organized treasure trove. Whether you choose to create photo albums or decorate your walls with cherished moments, printing your photos is an excellent way to relive and protect your memories.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve learned some of the best ways to organize phone photos and print them. If you have any questions or helpful bits to add to this post, please feel free to email me or post to the comments for others to see as well.


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