What is a Pet Portrait Etching?

This handcrafted cat art was created as a surprise gift for the owner of Wednesday, the black rescue kitty. Wednesday’s mom and her team run the rescue group in Southern CA named MeoowzResQ. Her team wanted to surprise her with a special Christmas gift, so they emailed a cell phone snapshot of Wednesday. I transformed the photo into a fine art etching using the printmaking process.

Before and After Pet Portrait Process

HERE is a 24 second video showing Wednesday’s etching from start (smartphone picture) to finish (matted fine art etching).

To Show an Etched Pet Portrait

In the video, you can see the pet portrait process used to create Wednesday’s art: original photo, retouched image, etched plate, completed art and art in packaging ready to delight!

The whole process takes an hour or two and uses sunshine, metal, ink, my Grammy’s printing press and Italian cotton paper. The art dries overnight and is signed, packaged and shipped the next day. This orange-looking image of Wednesday is the etched image on a metal plate that has been inked and is ready to be paired with the dampened cotton paper to run through the printing press once.

This is the fine art dried, signed and getting ready to be matted. All Greyboy Pet Prints handcrafted etchings are double-matted in cream-colored matting ready for a standard-sized frame.

A step-by-step explanation with pictures of each step is found on GreyboyPetPortraits.com. In addition, a 2-minute video showing in detail how these are made is found on the site as well if you scroll to the bottom of the FAQ page.

Thank you MeoowzResQ for saving more than 25,000 lives of rescue cats in need. You are much appreciated! I hope your kitty pet art is being enjoyed!