Creating Pet Memorials With Paw Prints

Mar 10, 2021

Creating pet memorials with paw prints seems to be a helpful and popular way to remember a very loved pet. We want some way to keep them in our hearts and minds forever. I know when my pets have passed, I wanted some type of artful way to remember them in one classy way. I wanted something in addition to what we all usually get after our pets pass:

  1. A circle paw print impression from our veterinarian
  2. A special photo or artwork of him or her
  3. Maybe a candle

I found the perfect solution to incorporate my pet’s paw print, their fur and a bit of their ashes into a photo I loved that I etched and inked to run through my Grammy’s printing press. Now I create these pet memorials with paw prints for other pet parents (like for Gretzky here).

Creative Pet Memorials with Paw Prints for Golden Retrieve

Yes, Gretzky did lose an eye. He was a very special dog as he was part of a Golden Retriever study group. His artwork was created with a photo from Lori of Red Leash Photography on the East Coast, Gretzky’s paw print, his fur, and his ribbon from being part of the study group. What a cute boy, right? Goldens are such loverboys and girls 🙂

Pet Memorials Paw Prints ashes fur

When I made my own portrait with paw prints years ago, I first had to figure out how to get an actual paw print from that circle paw print impression that Dr. Mary with Lap of Love Hospice had given me. I tested a few different materials and found one that worked where I could make a stamp of my dog’s paw print and then stamp it onto special paper to adhere next to his photo etching. Dr. Mary and I just did a Facebook Live talking all about this. You can hear it also on YouTube “Creating Long-Lasting Memorials.”

Pet Memorials With Paw Prints That I Recommend

Here are a few other pet memorials with paw prints I like to recommend. I list my own and then two others I really like.

  1. My Complete Keepsake Etchings – using a paw print, picture and fur or dog tag with the option to add ashes into the ink of the etched photo (and a bit into the wax seal as well – shown below)
  2. – color art of your pet’s paw print
  3. – jewelry with paw print

Pet memorial with dog ashes making a wax seal

How To Get a Paw Print for Pet Memorials

In addition to what I mentioned above with making a stamp of a paw print, there are a few other ways to get a paw print too. I just chose the stamp because I wanted to be able to easily make as many of my buddy’s paw print as I liked and I prefer the texture of a stamped print. It is important to get a good paw print to be able to create a great looking keepsake. I feel the stamp does that well.

Whether you want to make your own DIY pet memorial or want your pet’s pawprint to send to an artist to create a special pet memorial, there are a few other ideas to get a paw print if you don’t want to create a stamp.

  1. You can take a picture of the circle impression mold and send along to an artist
  2. You can scan the circle impression mold and send along to an artist
  3. If your pet is still living, you can photograph their paw in a shadow-less light
  4. If your pet is still living, you can buy a mess-friendly ink pad, as shown in a previous post that I’ve linked to throughout this article
  5. If your pet is still living, have them walk in water and then snap a photo of their wet paw print on the sidewalk, like I recently did of my dog, Willow.

Pet Memorials Paw Prints Sidewalk

Other Examples of My Dog and Cat Memorials With Paw Prints can be seen on my website (custom dog portrait memorial with paw print, fur and wax seal with ash as well as a kitty portrait with the same). I am able to customize the paw print art with whatever you have.

Some people do not have a fur clipping and would like to use a dog or kitty tag instead. Sometimes people like me to add just a tiny bit of ash to the ink of the etched picture, sometimes they don’t. All you have to do is ask – I’m here to answer questions and help you along the way. Each pet memorial with paw print comes with a complimentary brochure written by a grief counselor on how to get through grieving a pet companion. I’m here for you!

Find out more info / order your own pet memorial with paw print.

Ask me any questions and send a few phone shots of your very loved companion. I’d love to hear all about him or her!


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